Board Feet Rescued

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Canal timbers
On average we process 1,062,000 board feet of reclaimed wood yearly. After 20+ years in business, we’re proud to have salvaged over 25,000,000 board feet that would otherwise end up in landfills, grinders, and unclean wood burners, or simply rot away. By reclaiming and reusing, you help us save this character filled antique wood and take another step towards preventing deforestation.
Where does rescued wood come from? We source our reclaimed wood from agricultural buildings and industrial factories or buildings that are past their prime. Often these buildings are scheduled to be demolished and we are able to rescue the timbers, joists, braces, flooring and more as part of newer, organized methods of deconstruction. On occasion, we reclaim wood from more unique sources such as canal locks, bridges, river bottoms, shipping crates, wine vats, and ship yards.

If you have a barn you'd like dismantled, or a demolition project with antique timbers for sale, let us know.

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