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Old Growth Heart Pine From United States Leather Company

New Jersey

We recently recovered 200,000 board feet of old growth heart pine timbers from the old United States Leather Company in New Jersey. Constructed in 1901, the building first housed the David Moffat Company, which later became the United States Leather Company. As you may have guessed, they manufactured leather products, specifically harnesses. Interestingly, the United States Leather Co. was one of the original twelve companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The timbers used in the construction of this building were some of the last old growth long leaf heart pine trees harvested for industrial buildings. Only 2% of these old growth forests remain today. We estimate that these timbers were 200 years when they were cut down, making them witness to the last 300 or so years of American history. Imagine what these beams have seen! If you would like to get a hold of some of this gorgeous old growth heart pine now, call or email Michele for details.

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