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Settlers' Plank Reclaimed Wood


Pioneer Millworks’ Settlers’ Plank grade flooring is a practical recreation of the classic barn floor. Whole timbers and planks are reclaimed from barns and other agricultural buildings in the Eastern United States by our wood acquisition team. Often centuries old, the antique wood has outlived its use in the agricultural environment but finds new life in retail stores, offices, and homes across the nation.

Settlers' Plank Oak Flooring Settlers' Plank Mixed Hardwoods Flooring
(Settlers' Plank grade has a variety of uses from flooring to paneling, tabletops, and more.
Settlers Plank Paneling 

Pioneer Millworks carefully re-cuts and re-mills the old wood, maintaining the original saw marks, knots, wear marks, nail holes, scuffs, and naturally occurring vagaries. This more relaxed and rugged grade is available in Oak, Chestnut, and Mixed Hardwoods, offering a variety of color and grain patterns. Settlers’ Plank Mixed Hardwoods includes a number of reclaimed species from Oak to Hickory, Ash, Maple, Beech, Elm, and Chestnut.

Pioneer Millworks Barn Crew  Old barn
(Our acquisition crew carefully dismantles ag buildings that have outlived their use.)barn wall removal 

“When you think about the wood’s history, you see why it’s so prized: these timbers were cut in the late 1800’s from trees that probably started to grow in the 1600s. Now, after 100+ years supporting buildings, the timbers and planks begin anew, offering unmatched history, the beauty of tighter growth rings, greater stability, original wear marks, and deeper patinas,” says Jered Slusser, wood and design expert at Pioneer Millworks.

As the name reflects, Pioneer Millworks was a pioneer in the salvaged and reclaimed antique wood industry. They’re proud to give old wood new life as flooring, millwork, cabinetry, and more. They fully source and manufacture in the USA in Oregon and New York, in a way that’s healthy for you, their employees, and the environment. Their products offer ecologically conscious homeowners, designers, and builders an alternative to non-sustainable flooring, paneling and millwork without compromising quality, character, or selection. Pioneer Millworks is FSC certified and Green America approved. All of their products are LEED point eligible.

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