• Grandma's Attic

    Mixed Reclaimed Softwoods

    A very old, casual wide board look that is the result of careful selection and partial planing. The patina is maintained, at least in part, through the careful milling process. Generally featuring hemlock, eastern white pine and Douglas fir.

  • Reclaimed Karri

    Check the Presses

    Following the popularity of Jarrah from our last excursion down under, we now bring you Karri, reclaimed from dilapidated offices and educational buildings in Australia. We have an entire container of this highly durable, richly colored, and fine grained hardwood to share with you.

  • Reclaimed Ash

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    The pale shades and natural finish of Reclaimed Ash paneling adds warmth to ShopperTrak's modern office space in Chicago. Tight grain patterns and slight irridecence allow ash to be flexible — it can be anything you need it to be, without sacrificing its own character. A true fit for every design decor. Photo ©Chris Barrett

  • Not Just Flooring

    Not Just Flooring

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    Reclaimed or Eco-Engineered Wood Paneling

    Crafted to order, our FSC-certified recycled wood panels make installation of wood walls, ceilings, and partitions quick and easy. Available as solid or eco-friendly engineered, they can be prefabricated to specific dimensions in a variety of species.

  • Barn Siding

    Reclaimed Siding

    We figured that if this wonderful old barn siding has stood up to the worst of weather for near a century, it's got to be pretty tough stuff. We've found it can be put right back into service in both interior and exterior applications.

  • Settlers' Plank

    Reclaimed Mixed Oak

    Settlers’ Plank reclaimed Mixed Hardwoods has been popular with a variety of designs and just about any decor including this farmhouse inspired home nestled in a suburb of Seattle, WA. This is a practical recreation of the classic barn floor. Its relaxed, warm appearance puts people at ease.

  • Antique Chestnut

    Antique Chestnut

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    American Gothic Reclaimed Chestnut

    The kids that will grow & play on this floor offer the antique wood a unique second life. Chestnut is a quintessential American species, no longer available as fresh sawn wood. We reclaim it from dilapidated agricultural structures finding, its warmth & character is celebrated in contemporary or traditional designs.

  • Antique Walnut

    American Gothic Reclaimed Walnut

    One of the most sought after furniture woods, Walnut is as prized today as it was in the 1800’s. This makes it one of the rarest woods we reclaim. It offers a beautiful rich coffee color, offset by caramels & tans. The swirling grain patterns mix with the occasional knots, nail holes & mineral stains to create a stunning one-of-a-kind floor.

  • Custom Projects

    YES! We Love Custom Projects

    Count on our craftsmanship and eclectic inventory of reclaimed wood to add character to your next project. If you have an out-of-the-box vision, share it with us, we’re always up for a challenge.

  • Antique Oak

    American Gothic Reclaimed Mixed Oak

    One of our most popular floors, it has just enough antique character to ensure it won’t be mistaken for a mass-produced oak floor. This versatile wood can be stained or pre-finished (as shown here), and is available in our eco-engineered line.

  • 50/50 Herringbone

    50/50 Herringbone

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    Limited Editions

    This unique Black & Tan 50/50 Herringbone patterned floor highlights just one of the original solutions that can be found when designing with reclaimed wood. Check our Limited Editions gallery for more inspiration such as Colored Gym Floors and Coastal Decking.

  • Antique Timbers

    Agricultural and Industrial Reclaimed Timbers

    Reclaimed antique timbers offer character and stability unmatched by fresh sawn. Perfect for decorative interior beams, mantles, or whole timber frames. We offer these timbers with the original hand hewn surface and mortise pockets intact, or sawn-four-sides to reveal the tight grain patterns and deep patina.

  • Reclaimed Timber

    Reclaimed Timber

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    Antique Oak Timbers

    Our sister company, New Energy Works Timberframers, works with design professionals, fine builders, and residential customers across the nation crafting some of the finest, most lyrical timber frames made. We provide all of the reclaimed timbers used in their frames, such as the antique oak material shown here.

  • Custom Uses

    Reclaimed Wood for a Variety of Projects

    End-cuts from reclaimed Poplar timbers adorn a curved wall in the Village Gate of Rochester, New York. Reclaimed wood offers character and history along with versatility. Flooring, ceilings, walls, fixtures, and more, we always enjoy when our clients think outside of the timber.

  • Eco-Engineered

    The World's Most Eco-Friendly Engineered Flooring

    Can an engineered floor be eco-friendly? That’s what we asked. We’re offering this breakthrough in the pairing of antique wood and engineered flooring. Available in many of our reclaimed species, including Settlers’ Plank Oak. We believe this is the most eco-friendly engineered flooring on the market.

  • Easy To Finish

    Settlers' Plank Oak

    The character in our reclaimed products is the natural result of decades of use in agricultural or industrial buildings. One easy application of natural tung oil brings the character and history of each board to life and is unmatched by new wood products.

  • Hard As Nails

    American Gothic Reclaimed Hickory

    Reclaimed Hickory wears superbly and is a great choice for anywhere that will house dogs or kids. It gives a truly dramatic look due to its contrasting knots and sapwood.

  • Heart Pine

    Reclaimed Character Select Heart Pine

    Antique Heart Pine is the ideal choice if you want to create a room that is relaxed and informal. Heart Pine is much harder than name might suggest and wears almost as well as oak. The boards are a combination of vertical and flat sawn grain and show knots along with ferrous staining.


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