Glue up Douglas fir Bleacher Boards Batch #F14471
Glue up Douglas fir Bleacher Boards Batch #F14471

Batch #F14471

The bleacher boards used to manufacture this floor were salvaged from various gymnasiums across the country, ranging from Kansas City to Chicago to Altoona to Williamson, NY right in our backyard. Each board features a multistrip glue-up with a range of grain orientation and color, along with plugged holes which were left by previous fasteners. You can expect to see a set of plugs every 6-10 feet on longer boards.

  • Glue up Douglas fir Bleacher Boards
  • 953 sq ft
  • 3/4" thick
  • 8.25" face width
  • 18"-12'
  • Ships from: Farmington, NY
  • $8.95/sq ft (+shipping)
  • Batch: F14471


We have a 300 sq ft minimum order quantity, or “must take all” if the quantity shown is less. Please note that these batches reside in our East Coast Shop near Farmington, New York. The location of each batch is listed at the top of each image for your reference.

FYI, samples are not available because of limited quantities. We suggest that you order quickly as these batches don't sit on the shelf long.

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