• Explore Paneling

    The Tan version of our Black & Tan reclaimed Oak is fully planed, revealing rich patina and scattered fissures from weathering bringing warmth to a modern Texas office space. Lots of texture and grain pattern with few small sound knots allow oak to be flexible without sacrificing its own character. Photo ©Thomas McConnell

  • As-Found Timbers

    We provide reclaimed timbers to timber frame companies, including our sister company, New Energy Works Timberframers, design professionals, fine builders, and residential customers across the nation. This outdoor living space in Oregon showcases as-found industrial salvaged timbers, one of many available grades.

  • Roughsawn Western Softwoods

    A recent major remodel of the Witherspoon Building in Portland's Historic District included installations of our reclaimed circle sawn mixed softwoods flooring. The entire structure will now be used to create unique spaces for events, collaborative work areas, and offices. Photo by Max Mikhaylenko.

  • Offices with Texture

    An office headquartered in California added texture to their cafe with Rail Yard Oak Patina. Reclaimed from a combination of boards and timbers used in the transportation industry, this mixture often shows wear patterns, fastener marks, and various textures.

  • Reclaimed Mixed Hardwoods

    Settlers’ Plank reclaimed Mixed Hardwoods has been popular with a variety of designs and just about any decor including this welcoming family home in Washington. A practical recreation of the classic barn floor, its relaxed, warm appearance puts people at ease.

  • Mixed Reclaimed Softwoods

    A very old, casual wide board look that is the result of careful selection and partial planing. The patina is maintained, at least in part, through the careful milling process. Generally featuring hemlock, eastern white pine and Douglas fir, used here in a ceiling application.

  • Explore Our Products

    After years of research our FSC certified Reclaimed Teak is here! Teak is best known for its beauty, strength, resiliency, and clean grain. Rescued from dilapidated Indonesian structures using processing and manufacturing standards we can get behind.

  • Reclaimed Siding

    We figured that if this wonderful old barn siding has stood up to the worst of weather for near a century, it's got to be pretty tough stuff. We've found it can be put right back into service in both interior and exterior applications.

  • Settlers’ Plank Mixed Oak Paneling

    The natural vagaries of Settlers’ Plank Mixed Oak—deep browns, rich golds, dark patinas, original saw marks—are celebrated in a Chicago corporate office where the grade accents walls in the lobby, hallways, and common areas. Photo by Steve Hall, Hedrich Blessing.

  • American Gothic Reclaimed Walnut

    One of the most sought after furniture woods, Walnut is as prized today as it was in the 1800’s. This makes it one of the rarest woods we reclaim. It offers a beautiful rich coffee color, offset by caramels & tans. The swirling grain patterns mix with the occasional knots, nail holes & mineral stains to create a stunning one-of-a-kind floor.

  • Corporate America Remodeled

    Passero Associates in Rochester, NY transformed a dilapidated downtown building into a vibrant, mixed-used space and enhanced the historic character of the structure with reclaimed Settlers' Plank flooring and antique Heart Pine stair treads. Photo ©Don Cochran Photography