Reclaimed & Sustainable Wood Flooring, Paneling, & Siding for Home



For nearly 40 years we’ve been crafting our reclaimed and sustainable wood for installation as flooring, paneling, siding, or decking for homes. While most of our clients are architects, designers, or builders -- we do sell directly to homeowners who are looking for the most planet-friendly wood they can purchase for their home. Many of our products are UL Greengaurd Gold certified, ensuring that they will not off-gas and maintain healthy indoor air quality. And our more ruggedly textured products offer a warmth, ease of touch-up, and storied past that big-box wood flooring or paneling just can't provide.

Though we do not offer installation services, our sales & customer service team is happy to make reccomendations if we have partners in your area. Many of our interior products are DIY-friendly, and we offer installation guides that you can provide to your builder that are especially handy if they have not worked with reclaimed wood in the past. And our pre-finished flooring, paneling, and siding options allow you to speed up your installation and get right down to enjoying your space.

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