Actually, It's All About You

Pioneer Millworks Farmington, NY Mill & Office Crew

For 30+ years we've been inspired by all of you to develop creative reclaimed and sustainable wood flooring, paneling, and siding. Numerous species, grades, textures, and color options for architects & designers; options that are easy for builders to install; options that have a story which homeowners and end-users can connect with; options that are good for our people & our planet.

Pioneer Millworks McMinnville, OR Mill & Crew

But really, when we think of who we are, we think about you. From our past clients who have helped create some of our most popular products, to the letters from homeowners saying how much they love their floor, to the feedback from installers on how they never thought they'd say it, but they actually enjoyed working with our reclaimed wood—we're us because of you. Our community of clients has helped to build this little idea of using off-cut timber from a timber frame project into an FSC®-Certified chain of custody company with bi-coastal mills, 50+ products, and over 70 co-workers who all have a hand in reclaiming more than a million board feet of wood a year. Crazy.

So thank you—because without your continued support we wouldn't be here. We wouldn't be coming to work every day, doing what we love, making radical products, and pushing beyond the traditional reclaimed barn wood siding. If you have an idea, we want to hear it—after all we mean it when we say it's all about you.

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Pioneer Millworks Reclaimed Wood Flooring, Paneling, and Siding Black and Tan Oak—50/50

Reclaimed Wood

We love all trees, but there’s nothing like the character of antique wood. Old growth trees cut over a hundred years ago offer rich patinas, intense grain, and if we’re lucky signs of its previous life including ferrous staining, bolt holes and insect tracks. By recycling wood we reduce our dependence on fresh-sawn wood and prevent the filling of landfills. In some cases, it’s only through salvaging old wood that we have species like Chestnut and Elm which were both wiped out by blights in the early parts of the 20th C.

Reclaimed wood's journey started a few hundred years ago as a seed, growing a century or more into a mature tree. It was then harvested in the 1800s or early 1900s and milled into timber, flooring, or siding for the building, barn, or factory it would serve. As these structures outlived their usefulness, they were abandoned or demolished and disposed of in landfills or burned. Fast forward to the last 30 years. Our full-time acquisitions team works across the nation to ‘rescue’ antique wood from these dilapidated structures.

Once in our 9-acre yard, the timbers or planks are labeled, digitally cataloged, and stacked until needed. Once selected, the piece is moved to our denailing station where any metal artifacts are removed by hand using metal detectors. What happens next depends on your project.

Some timbers will continue their journey as part of a new timber structure, where they remain ‘as-found’, celebrating the original patina, weathered color, antique milling marks and other signs of previous life. A majority of the timbers will move on to the head saw, then the resaw where they’re milled into board stock repurposing the antique wood into paneling, flooring, fixtures, and more to be used in commercial and residential spaces.

If the wood is destined to become flooring, the “molder blanks” meet our expert molders where they’re given precision tongue and groove. The planks then go through quality control and are shipped to you.

Click here to see Pioneer Millworks reclaimed wood.


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Pioneer Millworks Modern Farmhouse Flooring and Paneling, Clean Hickory

Sustainably Harvested Fresh-Sawn Wood

Along with Reclaimed wood, we manufacture sustainable-harvested wood flooring, paneling, and siding. These green wood products are FSC-Certified or PEFC-Certified. Walnut is our only fresh-sawn option without certification. In this case we make sure to source our material from small farms that we can track to see are well-managed. In the case of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) we are Chain-of-Custody certified and were one of the first reclaimed companies to gain this distinction. Our larch is PEFC-certified at harvest through our suppliers by Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, which is a European certification label. Being able to offer sustainable wood options beyond reclaimed allows us to help designers, builders, and homeowners purchase building products that are good for people and planet, as well as high-quality.

See Pioneer Millworks Sustainable Harvested Wood Options here.


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Pioneer Millworks Reclaimed Indonesian Teak

Indonesian Reclaimed Teak

We’ve searched the globe to bring you environmentally friendly and ethical teak. Available in FSC®-certified fresh-sawn and reclaimed—both display the elegance and durability teak is known for, with reclaimed maintaining the authentic beauty of 18th and 19th-century planks. We source our teak from sustainably harvested, Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified, and reclaimed sources in Indonesia. We will not purchase Burmese teak due to the genocide of its own citizens, the mistreatment of indigenous cultures, and the trashing of forests for profit in Myanmar. To fight this effort further, 1% of our Indonesian Teak sales go to The Boreno Project, which brings international attention and support to community-led efforts to defend forests, sustainable livelihoods, and human rights.

Click here to see Pioneer Millworks Reclaimed Indonesian Teak options.

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Pioneer Millworks Reclaimed American Prairie Reclaimed Barnwood

Reclaimed Barnwood

After decades of supplying the industry with reclaimed barn wood, and being very intentional to not just source our "barn wood" from barns but a variety of non-usable agricultural buildings, we re-named this popular collection American Prairie. Same look as the barn wood we all love with a different name—and a do-good attitude. We believe in saving usable barns and other ag structures that are the fabric of our country's history, so part of the proceeds from American Prairie sales support domestic barn and historic restoration through groups like Restore Oregon, New York State Barn Coalition, and National Barn Alliance.

Click here to see Pioneer Millworks American Prairie reclaimed barn wood options.

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Pioneer Millworks Reclaimed Engineered Flooring and Paneling

Reclaimed & Sustainable Engineered Wood

Can a sustainably harvested or reclaimed engineered wood floor be eco-friendly and socially responsible? We studied, researched, and developed until we created our own engineered wood products that are FSC-certified®, formaldehyde-free, low-VOC, CARB2, and made right here in the USA. Available for most of our reclaimed wood and all sustainably harvested species— you can mix engineered products into your project while maintaining consistency with your solid wood choices. It comes in two thicknesses, both ready for installation on cement slabs, in basements, over radiant heat, or anywhere you need your floor to have minimal movement.

Click here to download Pioneer Millworks engineered wood product information.

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Pioneer Millworks Shou Sugi Ban Exterior Siding in Deep Char

Shou Sugi Ban—Charred Wood

Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese technique of burning wood as a preservative treatment for exterior siding. Pioneer Millworks most often applies a charring finish to sustainably harvested Larch, though we’re open to other species. Our grades include Deep Char, Shallow Char, Color Char, and Undressed—used most often as paneling for both interior and exterior siding, the char level can change over time, depending on its exposure to the elements. We treat our Shou Sugi Ban with clear or tinted finishes to help slow wear. The evolving look suggests the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi—a reminder of the transience and imperfection of all things.

Click here to see Pioneer Millworks Shou Sugi Ban charred wood options.

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Pioneer Millworks reclaimed and sustainable wood exterior siding products featuring American Prairie Weathered Grey

Sustainable Wood Siding & Decking Products

Reclaimed and sustainably harvested products that work well as an exterior material. We can help you choose the right options depending on the site conditions, direction, and geography. We're happy to hear about your project and make a recommendation on the product and finish.

  • American Prairie—Our take on barn wood siding, sourced from agricultural fencing and other structures that have endured the elements, this mix of softwoods and hardwoods needs no additional finishing thanks to years of sun and weather.
  • Shou Sugi Ban—Our Shou Sugi Ban product is made using sustainably harvested larch and is available in three char levels: deep char, shallow char, and color char. All Shou Sugi Ban options come in a shiplap profile with an exterior grade finished on the face and a slight back-burn to minimize cupping.
  • Siding & Shiplap—Larch, FSC-Certified® Douglas fir, and FSC-Certified® Accoya® are our three solid wood options for exterior siding and interior shiplap. Available in an array of finish stains that are healthy for you, and the planet. Or choose the wood pre-primed which makes it easy to add your favorite brand of paint.
  • Accoya® —Pioneer Millworks is a Certified Manufacturer Accoya siding and decking. This softwood is transformed into a 25-50 year warrantied natural wood product through its treatment with food-grade vinegar (a process called acetylation). Also available is Accoya Color Grey, which adds a non-toxic grey dye to the process, creating a wood product that is finished all the way through to the core.

Click here to see Pioneer Millworks Exterior Siding options.

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Pioneer Millworks Reclaimed Timbers

Reclaimed Timbers

We supply quality structural and decorative timbers from both reclaimed and fresh sawn sources in a variety of species. Surface treatments include planed, sand-blasted, rough-sawn, hand-hewn, wire-brushed, and more. Antique Hand-Hewn Timbers often include mortise pockets, tenons, and peg holes, insect marks, checking, and knots in addition to their original hand-hewn surfaces. Our Industrial Salvaged Timbers have a more uniform patina with band sawn, circle sawn, or planed surfaces and original bolt holes, nail holes, fastener marks, ferrous staining, checking, occasional knots, and other signs of their previous life.

With 9 acres of timbers, including more than fifty species, grades, finishes, sizes, and specialty items, we are the largest resource for reclaimed and sustainably harvested timbers. Plus, Pioneer Millworks is one of the only sources of FSC-certified® custom-cut Douglas fir timbers in the world. Let's talk about your timber needs.

Thanks to our sister company New Energy Works, we can even offer builders, project managers, and homeowners the opportunity to have fully assembled heavy timber trusses delivered to their site, ready for installation. Send us your plans and we'll design a set of trusses to meet the structural loads for your project. We'll then fabricate and assemble each one delivering anywhere in the country. Need a crew to set them? No problem. When required, we can send a team of experts to assist in placing trusses on your walls, whatever the wall system might be and wherever it might be located.

Click here to see Pioneer Millworks reclaimed timber options.

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