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Pioneer Millworks reclaimed wood--Indonesian Teak--Bright

Bright Indonesian Reclaimed Teak

We’ve searched the globe to bring you environmentally friendly and ethically sourced teak. This extremely versatile species is reclaimed from non-Burmese sources and is socially responsible—currently, 1% of our teak sales are donated to the Borneo Project in their fight to end the loss of habitat for the indigenous peoples of Indonesia.

Our Bright grade has been carefully planed to a smooth surface that accentuates the swirling tans and toffee browns of the wood. Tight grain makes Teak strong and durable, able to withstand the wear and tear of shoes, animals, and weather. Natural oils make it resistant to rot, insects, and fungi. Thanks to its water resistant nature, consider including the warm tones and texture of Teak in place of tile in places like kitchens and baths. Add a color finish to customize your hue, use it indoors or outdoors, on vertical or horizontal surfaces—the versatility of teak makes it a valuable arsenal in any design tool-kit.