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    Teak is best known for its beauty, strength, resiliency, and clean grain. Rescued from dilapidated Indonesian structures using processing and manufacturing standards we can get behind. Ask us about custom finishes.

  • We Love Custom Projects

    Have an out-of-the-box vision? Our team of artists, craftspeople, designers, and fine woodworkers are here to help bring it to life. Custom grades, custom finishes, custom textures, custom fabrication–you betcha! Currently, we're playing with Pantone's (R) Color of the Year: UltraViolet and Shou Sugi Ban Color Char.

  • Reclaimed Mixed Hardwoods

    Settlers’ Plank reclaimed Mixed Hardwoods has been popular with a variety of designs and just about any decor including this welcoming family home in Washington. A practical recreation of the classic barn floor, its relaxed, warm appearance puts people at ease.

  • Explore Sustainably Harvested

    Younger, smoother, and a little thinner. Our Sustainably Harvested line is available in several species, each a high grade with a more uniform appearance than its reclaimed counterpart. Sustainably sourced from FSC Certified mills in the USA, as well as incidental species, standing dead, and small well-managed family forests.

  • Thin Plank

    Thinking cladding? Us too! Walls, doors, cabinets—whatever your desire, these lightweight planks can be installed over a variety of vertical surfaces bringing texture, color, and character to any space. At 3/8” thickness, this wood still has a variety of authentic texture and patinas.

  • Patterns of Style

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    Antique Oak

    We continue to see patterns bringing effortless style to residential and commercial projects. In this space, one of our most popular lines, American Gothic Oak, was fitted to a NYC apartment in a parquet style floor pre-assembled and pre-finished by our craftsmen.

  • Shallow Char

    The ancient Japanese technique of burning wood as a preservative treatment for exterior siding gives our Larch an evolving look ranging from shallow char to a heavier traditional burn. Colors or an exterior oil can be applied to all grades. Interested in color? Lighter or deeper char? Let us know!

  • Barrow House Story

    The Barrow House restaurant and parlor’s eclectic decor follows along the countless additions and alterations made to the existing structure allowing patrons to ramble through the building's storied past surrounded by over 12 species and grades of our reclaimed wood. See our blog for the whole story.

  • Painted and Sanded

    Salvaged from old factories and warehouses, Foundry Maple shares the history of our old American manufacturing facilities with distinctive markings, a testament to the floor’s original hard-worn life. Each batch is painted and then sanded so the color follows the authentic distressing and the wood's original character.

  • Dimensional Character: Raked

    This high relief texture yields a crisp, graphic pattern well suited for any vertical surface. Milling even reliefs across each plank leaves deep grooves where light and shadow play. It can be matched, rotated, or even sporadically sprinkled, throughout a project.

  • Reclaimed Siding

    We figured that if this wonderful old siding and planks have stood up to the worst of weather for near a century, it's got to be pretty tough stuff. We've found it can be put right back into service in both interior and exterior applications.

  • Explore Paneling

    Reclaimed wood as paneling: think siding (vertical or horizontal), think walls...half way or up to the ceiling, think interior or exterior. Grade, species, and texture options are nearly endless, plus we can customize with CNC details for wording, logos, and more from our sister company NEWwoodworks.

  • American Gothic Reclaimed Chestnut

    The kids that will grow & play on this floor offer the antique wood a unique second life. Chestnut is a quintessential American species, no longer available as fresh sawn wood. We reclaim it from dilapidated agricultural structures finding, its warmth & character is celebrated in contemporary or traditional designs.

  • Roughsawn Western Softwoods

    A recent major remodel of the Witherspoon Building in Portland's Historic District included installations of our reclaimed circle sawn mixed softwoods flooring. The entire structure will now be used to create unique spaces for events, collaborative work areas, and offices. Photo by Max Mikhaylenko.

  • As-Found Timbers

    We provide reclaimed timbers to timber frame companies, including our sister company, New Energy Works Timberframers, design professionals, fine builders, and residential customers across the nation. This outdoor living space in Oregon showcases as-found industrial salvaged timbers, one of many available grades.

  • More About Oak

    The Tan version of our Black & Tan reclaimed Oak is fully planed, revealing rich patina and scattered fissures from weathering bringing warmth to a modern Texas office space. Lots of texture and grain pattern with few small sound knots allow oak to be flexible without sacrificing its own character. Photo ©Thomas McConnell