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Jonathan Orpin

Founder and owner of Pioneer Millworks, J. Ohhhh plays as hard as he works - on a sunny Friday lunch hour you'll often find him tooling down the muddy inclines of Victor's single track. On the home front, Jonathan enjoys the craziness of family life with witty Sierra beginning adulthood on the west coast, adventurous & quizzical Jake River chasing after Dexter-the-dog and the ever-patient Maxine who manages to keep them all in health, in love and in line.

Jered Slusser
Northeast Reclaimed Design Expert

Jered started with us in 1997 and is an avid fisherman, railroad buff, drummer, and Dad. He and wife Jamie enjoy a good weekend or two around the campfire in the summer with their two boys exploring the nature of fireflies. With a BFA in Interior Design, he helps customers navigate our myriad choices of flooring and millwork products.

Call (585)924.9970 or email

Carolyn Bailey
Rocky Mountain Reclaimed Design Expert

Carolyn Bailey joins our sales team from Denver, Colorado. She has an BFA in Interior Design/Architecture, has worked as part of a Design-Build team for over 8 years, owned an art gallery, and tells us that since 7th grade wood shop she has loved the smell of sawdust. Outside of work, Carolyn and her husband Greg are helping their girls make college preparations while enjoying their 6 month old, 100lb Saint Bernard "puppy" Oscar and squeezing in time to hike, camp, paint, and conquer DIY home projects. Carolyn is the go-to for designing with reclaimed wood for commercial and residential projects in Colorado.

Call (303) 905.5373 or email Carolyn:

Ray Pettengell
CA and NV Reclaimed Design Expert

It's not everyday we run across someone with not only sawdust in their DNA, but a working knowledge of the character and challenge that is the reclaimed wood niche. Ray has a decade of experience helping architects, designers, and homeowners realize their visions with reclaimed wood. He has skied, hiked, and climbed his way through most of the west coast. The only thing he enjoys more than his hobbies is spending time with his 8 year old daughter Nadia who shares his passion for the great outdoors.

Call (415)961.2854 or email

Roblyn Powley
East Coast Sales Support

Roblyn is a key memeber of our East Coast sales team. With a degree and loads of experience in residential and commercial interior design, a background in fine tile, and an intense love of remodeling, Roblyn is a favorite among our pro design clients and homeowners. Walking the talk, Roblyn makes a habit of updating her home, over and over again. In between she spends time with Rocco, the sweetest, mean-looking dog ever, reads any book she can grab, and laughs at her cat, Francis.

Call (585)924.9970 or email

Elise Jackman
West Coast Reclaimed Design Expert

Elise Jackman joins our west coast team in Portland, Oregon with an MFA in Interior Design and a love of all things reused and reclaimed, especially when it comes to design. Originally from the Rocky Mountains, she is a nature lover and is happiest when spending time outdoors with her fiancé Adam and Barlow the dog. When not at work or in the woods, she spends most her time cooking, thrifting, gardening and constantly renovating their recently purchased mid-century ranch home in the up-and-coming Kenton neighborhood of North Portland.

Call (503) 449.3452 or email Elise:

William Beleck
Japanese Representative

Bill is our Japanese representative, helping manage our partnerships and exportation to four distributors in Japan. Fluent in Japanese, Bill is essential to our efforts to meet the demand for reclaimed wood for folks in this amazing country. Hiking and rock hunting are a few pasttimes Bill, his wife Nozomi and their daughters, Hanna and Maya enjoy together. We found out that they're also voracious Harry Potter readers and Prarie Home Companion listeners!

Wendy Graham
Customer Services Leader

Wendy is our end all be all Customer Services Leader, ensuring production, invoicing, and projects are handled with customer service beyond belief. You’ll likely meet her via email or over the phone, and yes, she’s that smiley.  When she isn’t organizing and communicating, she’s camping with her husband, Lou, playing softball, cheering her kids (Preston and Jasmine) on — basically she never stops.

Call (585)924.9970 or email

Ashley Samuel

Ashley is a force in all things customer service. She works in tandem with our west coast team, behind the scenes, making project details flow seamlessly. She finds her energy easily focuses on organization even in her personal time where she's a huge component in making the Pickathon independent eco-centric music festival happen in Oregon. An avid locavore, Ashley is a true foodie enjoying cooking gourmet meals for her husband Chris, their son Alan, family friends, and even — we know we're really lucky! — her coworkers.

Call (503)719.4800 or email
Rick Gulvin
Production Manager

Don’t let Rick’s gruff exterior and coach’s voice fool you – this Scout Master, youth football coach, amateur sports photographer, golfer, and proud dad of a Marine is the guy we go to when stuff needs to get done. In his past life he was a football star at Alfred University. A team member for well over 10 years, he keeps the mill running smoothly and can identify just about any wood species at a glance.

Call (585)924.9970 or email
Michele Caryl
Wood Buyer & Wholesale Sales

Michele is a veteran of the days when we were a tiny little operation in Shortsville. She's still with us, though often out of the office digging through a ramshackle building talking the value of timbers with demo-guys. In addition to buying wood, she manages our wholesale sales, and our barn crew. Michele's most happy, however, spending her time with her two beautiful daughters, her guitar riffing son Evan & her Remington 1100, given to her by her beloved Dan.

Call (585)924.9970 or email
Alex Monachino
Acquisitions Leader

Alex takes on many roles a day in the mill and around the office. Often he is creating samples for the sales team, but he also fills in on the production line catching boards, defecting, applying finishes, packaging, and more. From time to time he travels for acquisitions reclaiming timbers/flooring from barns and industrial buildings. These days he stays a bit closer to home spending time with Margaret and their toddler Charley. Alex has a wicked racquetball serve and (although he tries not to let anyone know, we've found out) he's a great cook!

Josh Peck
Yard and Inventory Leader

Josh has the task of having to sort and categorize the timbers that come into our yard as well as manage our inventory system. [Not an easy job when you consider the 9 acres of timbers this guy calls his office.] Amazingly gifted in his ability to identify wood species, he can spot a quality timber from 300 feet, inform you on the latest-coolest-hip-musician and create a fine home brew. To see a hysterically funny tutorial on wood identification visit the Pioneer Millworks' YouTube channel.

Patrick Ester
Production Leader

Previously one of our "wood mavericks" and now working closely with Rick on all things production and with a special focus on our dust collection project. Pat has proven himself to be a dedicated, invested co-worker bringing new ideas and a strong work ethic to the mill.

Steve Pettrone
Finishing & Sampling Leader

Notorious for his sense of humor and discerning eye, Steve is our sample and finish guru, crafting and assembling samples large and small, and leading the team on custom finishing projects. A former contractor who owned a business specializing in wood flooring, Steve earned his BS in Forestry at the University of Vermont. He traveled to California to be a wild land firefighter, then to North Carolina and a few other states, before settling with his wife Christine in Upstate, New York. Steve and Christine are music festival connoisseurs, introducing their daughter Willow to the art of bluegrass early in life. They also enjoy hiking and are currently working on the final room in their whole-house restoration: the kitchen.

Jess Kesel

Jess is a hardworking guy and man of few words. He’s part of our samples team and can be found assembling samples large and small for our customers. Putting on his creative cap, he experiments with different finishes and stains (eco friendly of course!), bringing cool new ideas to our clients and to us. We’ve heard he plays tennis, snowboards, and spend his spare time with his German Shepard pup.

The Timber Saw Crew

Gnarly timbers in, clean timbers out. TJ and Carl run some of the biggest bandsaws in the industry, and do so with skill and dedication to quality. A love of showing off the latest pics of the kids, a jam session on the weekends, and the good natured patience it takes to coax the balance of grade and story from each timber they encounter.

The Moulder Crew

It's just board stock until Mark, Ed, Dave, Jesse, and Jonah turn it into tongue and groove flooring, or any of the many custom and standard molding profiles we create. Thanks to these precision-minded woodworkers, professional installers and homeowners alike sing their praises noting the quality of the fit - an important feature when you're paying your installer by the hour, or looking to finish your floor quickly.

The Denailers

Jesse, Dakota, Mer, Dave, Darrell, and Dave are a tough buncha' guys who work in the cold & the humidity to pull the metal oddities out of the timbers and planks we salvage from across the country. They may seem rough at first, but either the close quarters they work in or the teamwork it takes to do what they do has softened their dispositions to that of an amiable lot.

The Board Stock Saw Crew

Mathew, Steve on the headsaw, and Tony on the ripsaw are the guys who take timbers and turn them into blanks for the moulder crew to mill into the flooring you love. They're the ones who decide which grade which board belongs in, they cut out defects, they feed the hog, they play in bands, they fish, they joke, they make for a pretty entertaining bunch.

The Barn Team
Search & Rescue

The barn team spends their time around regional barns investigating the contents and evaluating their worth in wood. They've often been captured on film as siding harvesters, honey gatherers, amateur art collectors, arm wrestlers, or trying to make their way into the latest PBS documentary. A note on barn rescue: If a barn or agricultural building can be saved and left in place, it should, and we're happy to make that recommendation. Unfortunately, time, changes to farming methods and so much more often conspire to suggest other uses for great old barns, otherwise they fall in rot and abandonment. If you know of a building that may be at the end of its life, call us at the Pioneer Millworks office in Farmington, NY or email us at

West Coast Crew

Josh, Devin, Nat and Michael are the dedicated guys who support our west coast shop operations. Together they have years of experience working with wood and each bring their own unique passion and energy to our shop. They love trees, practice Kung Fu, they farm, are into sustainability, and are an overall spunky group of guys.

Wood Mavericks

The World's Most Eco-friendly Engineered Flooring (and paneling) wouldn't exist without Carl, Cal and Dan. These seasoned craftsmen have sawdust in their DNA. They do it all - they run our engineered line, they apply custom finishes, build tables and fixtures, handle reclamation of our limited edition stock, make local deliveries, and just about anything else that needs to be done. Cal and Dan hold a wealth of knowledge that only comes with being key players on our teams for over a decade. Add in photography, fishing, hunting, and storytelling — there is always something to learn from this eclectic bunch.

Jennifer Young
General Manager

When Jennifer isn't lurking in the sample rack - you'll find her pouring over the latest industry trends, figures, campaigns and guerrillas [advertising, not Primates]. Inspired by the curiosity of her three boys and her husband Will's rock star musings, it's only on the crystal ski slopes in NY that her body gets to catch up with the pace of her creativity.

Call (585)924.9970 or email
Karen Parkhurst
Finance Office

Karen has been a vital member of our community for 19 years. She's now in "retirement" continuing to help out in our finance department and heading up our Human Relations a few days a week. While she tries to project the personality of a pit bull, once you get to know her she's actually all warm & fuzzy. Grandchildren, amateur dramatics, boating, her duties as a Rotarian and several new volunteer positions fill her time when she's not in the office.

Call (585)924.9970 or email
Pam Remchuk
Finance Manager

A native of the Rochester region, Pam stepped in as our Finance Manager in Farmington NY with positive energy and a contagious smile. Outside of work, Pam and her husband Jeremy are honing their swimming and soccer jargon thanks to their daughter Ella and son Connor’s avid interest in both sports. When she has a free moment Pam can be found shopping – she can hold her own with any bargain hunter – or jogging. Last year she ran her first 5K and we know she’s planning to conquer a few more in 2012.

Kori Franklin
Accounts Receivable

Kori is a member of our finance team supporting both Pioneer Millworks and New Energy Works. She handles all our accounts payable and a handful of other number crunching, bean counting duties. She’s quick to laugh and enjoys stirring things up. A breakfast fiend, she has the office group addicted to breakfast pizza and even the occasional chain-restaurant egg sandwich. Her son, Michael, is a senior in high school and we expect once he’s off to college Kori will fill her free time honing her already formidable billiards skills, sharpening up her dart throwing, and poolside relaxing.

Jen Garritano
Accounts Payable

Jen is one of our finance gurus with a touch of IT obsession. She keeps us all in line and accountable for everything that needs to be paid, but also works closely with our IT provider to manage our varied and numerous IT requests. She, husband Joe, and kids Nicholas and Nicole are working to update their home - from what we understand pulling wallpaper is a fun family activity! Jen loves to cook, admits to an undying love of cheese, addiction to kick boxing, and keeps everyone (cat, dog, and fish included) healthy and happy.

Megan D
Marketing Manager

After a good gallop across the countryside on her horse, Megan can be found putting her creativity and multitasking abilities to work in the office. A stickler for making things happen accurately and on time, the only place she lets things slide is at home. You might hear Megan's voice when you give us a call, but be warned, if you ask about her horse you're in for at least a half hour conversation.

Call (585)924.9970 or email
Steve Herrick
Maintenance Manager

Steve was our original maintenance manager way back when we were located in the old Pioneer Road building in Shortsville a few decades ago. He took a break from our shop and we couldn’t be happier to have him back on our team.  He was previously challenged with setting up and installing all the tools and machines in our current factory in Farmington, today he meticulously maintains that equipment and our facilities day to day. A quiet one, he opens up when big saws or big game are mentioned.

JoAnna Rease
Office Manager

JoAnna had filled in for us here and there in the past and we're glad to have added her full-time to our group. With her experience in medical/clerical she'll be able to handle our needs with ease. In her spare time, JoAnna enjoys gardening, fishing, and spending time with her two children (Alana and Alex) and husband Ben. She is also an avid quilter.

Office Greeter

What could be better than an enthusiastic doggie greeting? If you visit in NY you'll likely be greeted by Charlie, Betty, Phin or Penny. Charlie is our official office greeter. Guests are met by a wet nose against their hands, his big brown eyes and constantly wagging tail. While visiting us in the office has to be one of Charlie's favorite things (who wouldn't like getting pet and treats from everyone!) he also loves chasing his red Frisbee.

Jonathan Orpin Jered Slusser Carolyn Bailey Ray Pettengell Roblyn Powley Elise Jackman William Beleck Wendy Graham Ashley Samuel Rick Gulvin Michele Caryl Alex Monachino Josh Peck Patrick Ester Steve Pettrone Jess Kesel The Timber Saw Crew The Moulder Crew The Denailers The Board Stock Saw Crew The Barn Team West Coast Crew Wood Mavericks Jennifer Young Karen Parkhurst Pam Remchuk Kori Franklin Jen Garritano Megan D Steve Herrick JoAnna Rease Charlie
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