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Jonathan Orpin

Founder and owner of Pioneer Millworks, J. Ohhhh plays as hard as he works - on a sunny Friday lunch hour you'll often find him tooling down the muddy inclines of Victor's single track. On the home front, Jonathan enjoys the craziness of family life with witty Sierra beginning adulthood on the west coast, adventurous & quizzical Jake River chasing after Luca-the-dog and the ever-patient Maxine who manages to keep them all in health, in love and in line.

Jered Slusser
Northeast Reclaimed Design Expert

Jered started with us in 1997 and is an avid railroad buff hobbiest, creating custom-painted model trains when he isn’t on the sidelines of lacrosse fields watching and coaching his two boys. Jered, his wife Jamie, and their boys always enjoy weekends camping through the summer. With a BFA in Interior Design, he helps customers navigate our myriad choices of flooring, paneling, millwork, and custom products. He can often be found on the road in New York City and other locales across the eastern half of the country, meeting with architects, interior designers, and builders.

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Carolyn Bailey
Rocky Mountain Reclaimed Design Expert

Carolyn Bailey joins our sales team from Denver, Colorado. She has an BFA in Interior Design/Architecture, has worked as part of a Design-Build team for over 8 years, owned an art gallery, and tells us that since 7th grade wood shop she has loved the smell of sawdust. Outside of work, Carolyn and her husband Greg are helping their girls make college preparations while enjoying their 6 month old, 100lb Saint Bernard "puppy" Oscar and squeezing in time to hike, camp, paint, and conquer DIY home projects. Carolyn is the go-to for designing with reclaimed wood for commercial and residential projects in Colorado and Texas. Read our blog Q & A with Carolyn.

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Roblyn Powley
East Coast Sales Support

Roblyn is a key memeber of our East Coast sales team. With a degree and loads of experience in residential and commercial interior design, a background in fine tile, and an intense love of remodeling, Roblyn is a favorite among our pro design clients and homeowners. Walking the talk, Roblyn makes a habit of updating her home, over and over again. In between she spends time with Rocco, the sweetest, mean-looking dog ever, reads any book she can grab, and laughs at her cat, Francis.

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Elise Payne
Oregon Reclaimed Design Expert

Elise Payne joins our west coast team in Portland, Oregon with an MFA in Interior Design and a love of all things reused and reclaimed, especially when it comes to design. Originally from the Rocky Mountains, she is a nature lover and is happiest when spending time outdoors with her husband Adam and Barlow the dog. When not at work or in the woods, she spends most her time cooking, thrifting, gardening and constantly renovating their recently purchased mid-century ranch home in the up-and-coming Kenton neighborhood of North Portland.

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Wendy Graham
Customer Services Leader

Wendy is our be-all-end-all Customer Services Leader, ensuring production, invoicing, and projects are handled with customer service beyond belief. You’ll likely meet her via email or over the phone, and yes, she’s that smiley. When she isn’t organizing and communicating, she’s camping with her husband, Lou, playing softball, cheering her kids (Preston and Jasmine) on — basically she never stops.

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Sierra Murphy
Pacific Northwest Reclaimed Design Expert

Sierra is back with us after a decade or so in the tech industry, helping companies sourcing the best geek-talent available. Lucky for us this experience has helped her hone skills in finding just the right fit – meaning that our clients in the Pacific Northwest are certain to get the right reclaimed wood for their projects. In fact, she’s even cladding her mid-century home in our Shou Sugi Ban and has always treasured the old-growth Douglas fir you see in the PNW homes. Sap runs through her – did we mention she’s been hanging around our shops since her first trek to the top of a timber frame at age 2? True story. Learn more about Sierra in our blog Q & A.

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Tim Roberts
CA and NV Reclaimed Design Expert

A native of California, Tim has joined our team of Reclaimed Wood Design Experts. With family in the Los Angeles and the Reno areas plus a deep love of the Pacific Ocean, he'll be continuing our support of the design and contracting communities in CA and NV. He's built his expertise during a career centralizing on wood products from doors to playgrounds and more. Tim is planning to take his gardening hobby to the next level as he’s set his path to create a small organic urban farm where he can supply food to the local community as well as his family. We’re fans of Tim’s life balance, especially the way he evens out his daily bicycle commute to the studio by also enjoying a daily cookie. 

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Sean Comerford
Sales and Support

Passion for history and wood brought Sean to our Farmington, NY mill where he joined our moulder crew and learned our products. He soon found his way into our office and has become a member of our sales team, supporting Jered and Roblyn while helping our walk-in clients and local requests. Touring Europe after college gave Sean a world view fitting his easy demeanor. Besides a love of old wood, he enjoys local IPAs, hiking, and throwing pottery. Check out the Q & A with Sean on our blog


Ashley Samuel
West Coast Sales Support

Ashley is a force in all things customer service. She works in tandem with our west coast team, behind the scenes, making project details flow seamlessly. She finds her energy easily focuses on organization even in her personal time where she's a huge component in making the Pickathon independent eco-centric music festival happen in Oregon. An avid locavore, Ashley is a true foodie enjoying cooking gourmet meals for her husband Chris, their son Alan, family friends, and even — we know we're really lucky! — her coworkers.

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Kim Casselman
Customer Service and Shipping

Kim recently joined our customer service and shipping team after completing her degree in Sustainable Development from SUNY Empire State College. Each day she works tirelessly to determine the best shipping solutions for our East and West Coast locations and customers alike. A self-described 'total geek', Kim's a fan of sci/fi books, movies, and television shows, but is also quick to mention her love of The Great Outdoors. Her husband Tim and two kitty-fur-babies love to keep her company while knitting, crocheting, and (her new addiction) spin fiber-ing. 

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Rick Gulvin
Production Manager

Don’t let Rick’s gruff exterior and coach’s voice fool you – this Scout Master, youth football coach, amateur sports photographer, golfer, and proud dad of a Marine is the guy we go to when stuff needs to get done. In his past life he was a football star at Alfred University. A team member for well over 10 years, he keeps the mill running smoothly and can identify just about any wood species at a glance.

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Michele Caryl
Acquisitions Manager

Michele is a veteran of the days when we were a tiny little operation in Shortsville. She's still with us, though often out of the office digging through a ramshackle building talking the value of timbers with demo-guys. In addition to buying wood, she manages our wholesale sales, and our barn crew. Michele's most happy, however, spending her time with her two beautiful daughters, her guitar riffing son Evan & her Remington 1100, given to her by her beloved Dan.

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Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan hails from Boston but found home on the west coast with our Oregon teams. He’s happy to have left the cold winters behind but has kept a classic Boston accent, much to the amusement of our co-workers. He is passionate about all things wood and even owned his own custom cabinet shop for a time. These days he loves to get his hands dirty with our custom build projects but is also a jack-of-all-trades around the office. When he’s not doing paperwork or inhaling sawdust there’s nothing he enjoys more than being out in nature or putting together puzzles with his three year old daughter, Genevieve. As an avid hiker and off-roader, Jonathan is exploring Oregon’s ample opportunities for adventure, and we’re excited that he’s digging the west coast lifestyle. 

Alex Monachino
Acquisitions & Product Leader

Alex has worked many positions within the company: from denailing to yard to samples to acquisitions. Currently he functions as a sort of liaison between the sales, marketing, production and acquisition teams. In addition to quoting custom orders, developing pricing, handling local barn acquisitions and monitoring inventory, Alex also travels from time to time, visiting old barns and vacant industrial buildings, looking for new wood sources. When not at home shoveling snow with his 3-year-old son Charley, Alex sweats on the racquetball court and treats himself to cheap whiskey and top shelf coffee. Read more about Alex on our blog Q & A

Randy Yates
Purveyor of Reclaimed Wood

We knew Randy was one of us when he stopped in our McMinnville shop looking for a reclaimed timber. We knew he should join our team when we learned of his experience with wood and metal, and he charmed us with his personality. Today, he works with our acquisitions team, scouring the nation to rescue planks, joists, and timbers. He also works with builders, timber framers, and architects to locate just the right timbers for their projects. And for those folks looking for wholesale volumes, he does that too. If you meet up with Randy, chances are you’ll meet Daisy, his faithful canine companion. Randy is proud to be the newest steward of 50 acres of forested land he calls home in Oregon.



Ingra Stephens

With a background in accounting and management, Ingra is an excellent fit to our west coast office, where she considers herself kind of a catch-all. We adore her resourceful and adaptable nature. Ingra grew up in the mountains of Idaho where she helped her family split firewood and make shingles for their cabin and outhouse. That DIY-spirit has stayed with her – she has become a skilled felting artist. When she’s not juggling the daily adventures of our Portland, OR shop, Ingra is likely gardening, teaching felting classes, hanging out with her rescue pups, or attending a musical with her partner, Arlene.

Josh Peck
Yard and Inventory Leader

It's Josh's responsibility to account for the hundreds of thousands of board feet of wood that pass through our yard annually and to determine the best use for each stick. This is no easy task considering that material comes to us from over 250 different vendors, in a variety of conditions, to feed our 50+ standard products. With more than a decade of experience, Josh has the skill and confidence to own his department and manage this herculean task. Best of all he does this with a quick wit and a sense of humor that is unmatched! Check out more on Josh on our blog Q & A.

Patrick Ester
Production Leader

Previously one of our "wood mavericks" and now working closely with Rick on all things production and with a special focus on our dust collection project. Pat has proven himself to be a dedicated, invested co-worker bringing new ideas and a strong work ethic to the mill.

Steve Pettrone
Finishing & Sampling Leader

Notorious for his sense of humor and discerning eye, Steve is our sample and finish guru, crafting and assembling samples large and small, and leading the team on custom finishing projects. A former contractor who owned a business specializing in wood flooring, Steve earned his BS in Forestry at the University of Vermont. He traveled to California to be a wild land firefighter, then to North Carolina and a few other states, before settling with his wife Christine in Upstate, New York. Steve and Christine are music festival connoisseurs, introducing their daughter Willow to the art of bluegrass early in life. They also enjoy hiking and are currently working on the final room in their whole-house restoration: the kitchen. Read more about Steve in our blog Q & A

Jess Kesel
Sample Guru

Jess is a hardworking guy and man of few words. He’s part of our samples team and can be found assembling samples large and small for our customers. When he's not experimenting with different finishes and stains (eco-friendly of course), you'll probably find him setting up camp mountainside under a starry sky. We've also heard he plays tennis, snowboards, and is obsessed with everything automobile - especially those of the European variety.

Alex Khorenian

Alex is new to our team, recently moving to McMinnville from eastern Oregon. Also a newcomer to woodworking, he was excited to find a position with our team at the mill. Like many of our co-workers, Alex wears a few differnt hats. He pulls stock, mills it, sands and finishes. Quick to grin, he sums his position up as “the boss” but notes that he likes being able to try everything in the shop, including going to the coast to help our sister company with a timber framing job. Big trees are his favorite with Redwoods topping the list. Checking them out in CA is one of his common trips, though these days fishing is Alex’s favorite pastime.

West Coast Crew

Our West Coast team is a cohesive unit where everyone does a little bit of everything. From the shop in McMinnville, OR (left to right): Isaac Thompson – Production, Cameron Delzell – Production, Jonathan Taylor – Operations Manager, Jacob Westgard - Production, Josh Felty – Euro Planer and Inventory, Ingra Stephens – Office Manager, Mike Gillespie – Samples and Inventory, Joshua Alexander – Production

The Timber Saw Crew

Steve and Carl are the dynamic duo who operate and maintain our headsaw. Nationally, the average length of a marriage is 12.2 years. These two have worked in tandem for nearly 15. With Steve's comic timing and rockabilly roots and Carl's avid consumption of Popular Mechanics, you're bound to find yourself in an interesting conversation if you are ever caught between the two. More importantly, no one has a more intimate knowledge of our saws and what they are capable of than these fellows.

The Moulder Crew
led by Dave Crouden

It's just board stock until Dave, Chip, Adam, Luke and Josh turn it into tongue and groove flooring or any of the other custom mouldings that we offer. In fact, Dave Crouden who leads this dedicated team, also grinds our knives in-house and can match nearly any profile that is requested. Most of us consider our co-workers a second family but with this crew that rings especially true. In addition to the standard 40+ hours that they spend together on the job each week, this group and their families often socialize on the weekends. You may even find them encouraging each other as they pump iron during lunch breaks.

The Denailers

Jacob, Lucas, Derek, Brody and Pedro are a dedicated bunch of guys who are responisble for ensuring that all the wood that enters the mill is free of metal. To do this, they use an arsenal of tools (some that have been custom fabricated) and some serious elbow grease and determination. Because they work outside the shop, free of all the mill noise, there is ample opportunity for conversations that run deep. Conspiracy theories are common topics of discussion but talk often veers to more existential questions. This exchange of ideas and the shared experience of working outdoors in upstate NY's ever changing, often inhospitable climate, has created a camaraderie among this team that is unmatched.

The Board Stock Saw Crew

Whether resawing timbers and joists or edging found boards, Paul, Matt, Tony, Cal and Ryan are responsible for transforming the raw rough stock of our yard inventory into kiln-dried, defected, straight edged board stock. Keeping up with the saws means that these guys are accustomed to hard work. But that doesn't mean there isn't time to pause and listen to Cal spin a tale about a racoon he once trapped as a kid or perhaps share a story about an employee that once worked here 12 years ago. Still, nobody handles more material than these fellows and occasionally you'll find them posting pictures of themselves on Facebook, standing triumphantly atop bundles of boards after an epic day of work.

The Acquisition Team
Salvaging wood from coast to coast

Because we don't have a dedicated crew for our acquisitions efforts, each project involves a custom cast of players. Alex, Jesse, Tony, Carl and Pat have made up the core of many teams. Others from the saw and denailing crews have also lent a hand as well as the occasional sales person. We've dismantled wine and vinegar vats, removed bleachers and gym floors, and processed salvaged timbers on many a demolition site. These projects take us to interesting places, involve plenty of blood, sweat and tears, and always result in entertaining tales for our blog posts. 

Carl White
Truck driver & all around handy guy

You may have noticed Carl driving our distinct flatbed truck around town. He handles local deliveries (up to 300 miles from our NY shop), and often picks up material for our acquisitions department. When he's not on the road Carl is assisting our finishing department, working on our engineered flooring line or lending his construction know-how to custom projects and facility upgrades. He's as easy going as it gets, though his sense of humor is often hidden behind a dry and deadpan delivery.

The Finishing Team

Our dedicated finishing team knows that a great finish requires attention to detail and consistency. Dan, Dave, Mark, TJ, Brie, Tysha and Carl have been trained by Steve Pettrone and understand that their work in this final stage of production is held to the highest standards. Part of the reason that this team gels together so well may be their mix of personalities. The outspoken and boisterous work alongside strong silent types and at least one individual who is unassuming at work but a bona fide rockstar when given a microphone and a stage. Enter the finishing room if you want to be greeted warmly, teased and then sent on your way - they have work to do after all.

Jennifer Young
General Manager

When Jennifer isn't lurking in the sample rack - you'll find her pouring over the latest industry trends, figures, campaigns and guerrillas [advertising, not Primates]. Inspired by the curiosity of her three boys and her husband Will's rock star musings, it's only on the crystal ski slopes in NY that her body gets to catch up with the pace of her creativity.

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Deanna Varble
Creative Director

Deanna is back with our team after working in-house at Habitat for Humanity and agency-side at Dixon Schwabl. Her heart is with helping those who need it, family, farm-to-table, and anything hygge. She’s a designer and wordsmith by trade and leads our crazy creatives by filling their buckets with “pretty things”, chocolate, and high-level conversations. Win her over with your best dad-joke and a well mixed Old-fashioned – she’ll be yours forever.


Call 585-924-9970 or e-mail

Megan L
Communications Director

After a good gallop across the countryside on her horse Jack, Megan can be found putting her creativity and multitasking abilities to work in the office. A stickler for making things happen accurately and on time, the only place she lets things slide is at the barn where she's happy to spoil Jack and all the other horses. On-the-go is a way of life for Megan and as she has her sights set on a few 5Ks (even though we know she dislikes running), she's busy working out, playing racquetball, rock climbing, and enjoying the occasional baked good.

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John Champlin
Graphic Design/Marketing

John came to us with not just a love of design and abundant enthusiasm, but a genuine enjoyment of nature and biology. He's known in the Rochester NY community for his involvement in citywide improvement projects and art shows featuring his work. Often seen taking photos of the interesting textures and species of wood in the shop, he happily embraced the graphic design responsibilities in our marketing department and has made it his mission to let the world know the story of the people and the products of our company - while helping keep the beard quota up, of course.

Deborah Roe
West Coast Marketing & Executive Assistant

Leaving Seattle, WA for Arizona nearly two decades ago, Deborah tackled marketing for architecture, engineering, and construction firms where she learned, and lives, by the idea that great design doesn’t sacrifice needs but stimulates them. Boomeranging back to the Pacific Northwest, Deborah will be adding her positive attitude, endless energy, graphic design chops, and organizational skills to our bi-coastal teams. If she isn’t in our Portland Design Studio she can be found on an adventure - often hiking trails around the region - with her wife and fur babies trying to make the planet a more resilient place.

Cate Goodman
Marketing Coordinator

Cate’s our Marketing Coordinator, otherwise known as cat wrangler and maverick of organization. She keeps things on time and in budget, all with a smile and a collection of colorful sticky notes. A boomerang to Rochester, Cate spent the last 10 years in Boston studying and working in commercial production. We’re thrilled she’s returned, not only for spoiling us with her baking but because we’re getting to travel vicariously through the photos from her adventures. (Did we mention she’s good with a camera too?)

Jan Boor
Accounting Specialist

Jan joined our finance group after owning and running a small manufacturing business while acting as assistant manager for the ARC. Needless to say, she can handle most anything thrown her way with ease! When asked about her free time, Jan laughs saying she and her beau Mark have "a bunch of kids!". Recently all of their free time has gone into building their home, complete with Jan's favorite reclaimed flooring (oak). That bunch of kids, Kay, Nathan, Adam, Michael, and occasionally Joshua (who is now in the Air Force), have all pitched in on the big build. Jan is also a trustee for a local public library, a good fit as she is an avid reader.

Jen Garritano
Accounts Payable

Jen is one of our finance gurus with a touch of IT obsession. She keeps us all in line and accountable for everything that needs to be paid, but also works closely with our IT provider to manage our varied and numerous IT requests. She, husband Joe, and kids Nicholas and Nicole are working to update their home - from what we understand pulling wallpaper is a fun family activity! Jen loves to cook, admits to an undying love of cheese, addiction to kick boxing, and keeps everyone (cat, dog, and fish included) healthy and happy.

Pam Remchuk
Finance Manager

A native of the Rochester region, Pam stepped in as our Finance Manager in Farmington NY with positive energy and a contagious smile. Outside of work, Pam and her husband Jeremy are honing their swimming and soccer jargon thanks to their daughter Ella and son Connor’s avid interest in both sports. When she has a free moment Pam can be found shopping – she can hold her own with any bargain hunter – or jogging. Last year she ran her first 5K and we know she’s planning to conquer a few more in 2012.

Steve Herrick
Maintenance Manager

Steve was our original maintenance manager way back when we were located in the old Pioneer Road building in Shortsville a few decades ago. He took a break from our shop and we couldn’t be happier to have him back on our team.  He was previously challenged with setting up and installing all the tools and machines in our current factory in Farmington, today he meticulously maintains that equipment and our facilities day to day. A quiet one, he opens up when big saws or big game are mentioned.

JoAnna Rease
Office Manager

JoAnna had filled in for us here and there in the past and we're glad to have added her full-time to our group. With her experience in medical/clerical she'll be able to handle our needs with ease. In her spare time, JoAnna enjoys gardening, fishing, and spending time with her two children (Alana and Alex) and husband Ben. She is also an avid quilter.

Karen Parkhurst

Karen has been a vital member of our community for 20 years. She's now in retirement (for the second time as she spent a few days a week during her initial 'retirement' continuing to help out in our finance department). While she tries to project the personality of a pit bull, once you get to know her she's actually all warm & fuzzy. Grandchildren, amateur dramatics, boating, her duties as a Rotarian and several new volunteer positions keep her busy these days.

Office Greeters
Canine Clan

If you visit in NY you'll likely be greeted by Kairo, Betty, Riley, or Penny. Charlie, pictured here, was our official office greeter for nearly a decade. We'll always remember his dedication to welcoming folks, making rounds for treats, desire for any/every game of fetch, and bountiful love for his family and friends. Recently we also said goobye to Phin, one of our smaller office canines who did plenty of lap hopping and playing. Today, guests in Farmington are met by a variety of wet noses against their hands, big brown eyes, wagging tails, and excited 'dancing' paws. The same applies in our Oregon office and shop as Sherlock, Barlow, and a few others are honing their greeting skills.

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