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Centennial Mills Douglas Fir Salvage

Portland OR

Started in 1910, Centennial Mills is an iconic site along the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon (see below for details on the mill). It is ideally situated for Portland’s riverfront preservation as a River District urban renewal area. However, the cost to rehab the many buildings brought a halt to re-construction plans.

In late 2014 the Portland Development Commission (PDC) passed a resolution making an emergency declaration relating to the condition of Centennial Mills. Several of the structures were dangerously close to collapse including wharves. Northwest Demolition & Dismantling was enlisted to selectively demolish and salvage five of the warehouses and three of the grain elevators. 

Pioneer Millworks was selected to reclaim timbers and planks from the deconstruction. Over 400,000 board feet arrived at our McMinnville, OR mill in 2016. The old Douglas fir is exceptional, revealing clear vertical grain boards during re-milling. Ideally, we’ll be able to place much of the Centennial Mills reclaimed material back in the Portland market.

If you’re looking for a great piece of history, let us know. We have a good number of timbers and cribbing planks from the mill ready for your project.

About the mill:








Operations began in 1910 at Crown Mills (later renamed Centennial Mills). The large grain milling and processing complex had eleven distinct structures over 4.75 acres. The mill put Portland on the map as a major production and shipping point in the Northwest. As production grew, so did the plant. Over a dozen types of farm animal feed was being manufactured in addition to traditional grains by the 1930’s. The complex reached final size in the 1940’s before being purchased by United Pacific Corp. in 1960. After purchase, the equipment and structures were updated in effort to keep the old mill running. The mill continued expanding into the domestic market until closing down in the year 2000. Click here to read more.