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Black & Tan 50/50

These limited edition oak planks are aptly named due to a rugged coat of black paint, which when removed reveals a rich, tan-colored oak. Available as flooring or paneling in a variety of options: skip-planed on the painted side with just a suggestion of tan; fully planed thereby removing all black paint but revealing a deeper patina than fresh oak and a highlighted grain; or, with the black paint fully intact. The Black & Tan mixture will offer the most visual impact.

Color & Character

Black & Tan is created through specialized surfacing of reclaimed Oak planks, which naturally vary in thickness. Full of texture and rich grain patterns, with few small sound knots. Because of these natural variations, no two planks are alike, each one having a different level of surfacing and eco-friendly black paint visible. Careful sanding on the jobsite is the best way to fine-tune the appearance of your floor – feel free to ask one of our wood experts about the best way to achieve your visual goals.

Available As

  • Solid Flooring
  • Solid Plank Paneling
  • Unfinished — original black maintained

Solid Dimensions

Thickness 3/4"
Widths 5"
Lengths 18" – 6'

Engineered Dimensions

Thickness x
Widths x
Lengths x


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Our Black & Tan oak is reclaimed from agricultural planks throughout the USA. We’re proud that we give this old wood new life as flooring, millwork, cabinetry, and more. Go to Unearth the Story to read more about history of our antique and reclaimed wood.


True to Pioneer Millworks’ environmental commitment, the black paint was traced back to its original source and was found to be an environmentally friendly, waterborne polymer. It is a non-toxic, non-flammable, solvent free, low VOC waterproof coating used in agricultural settings and safe for use around farm animals. Our products are made here in the USA, in a way that’s healthy for you, our employees, and the environment. The 13-acre NY facility is 100% wind powered. Our mill and kilns are heated 100% with our scrap wood. Pioneer Millworks is FSC chain of custody certified in three categories and Green America approved. All of our products are LEED points eligible. Be sure to visit our Earth Shared for details.


Most of our solid and eco-friendly engineered products are available unfinished or prefinished. Prefinish for Black & Tan 50/50 includes Hardwax Oil. Scratches that occur on a floor finished with hardwax oil can often be lightly sanded out before reapplying the oil and letting cure.

  • Spills of any kind should be cleaned up immediately.

  • Broom clean for regular maintenance.

  • Consult finish manufacturer for appropriate cleaning instructions.


Our solid flooring features precision milled tongue and groove that can be nailed or stapled down.

  • We suggest ordering an additional 7-12% for most orders to cover trimming and installation waste.
  • We always recommend using a professional installer and can note a few good ones local to your area.


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Don’t worry, you don’t have to revisit middle school math to figure out how much flooring you’ll need – we make it easy!
Flooring, wall paneling, and ceilings are typically ordered by the square foot. To calculate how much you'll need, enter the width & length of the area you’re working on. If your room has an odd shape, enter in the width & length of each area and add them up. Our calculator adds 7% overage to allow for trimming & cutting on the job site. Some overage should be as high as 12%, depending on the project. Our wood experts can help you determine just how much to order.


Our end:

Your order will be shipped via common carrier in most cases, which allows us to get the best shipping rates possible for you. Orders of flooring, lumber, and millwork are packaged in small “hand-bundles” that can be picked up by one or two people, and then stacked on a larger skid. We then wrap your order in lumber wrap, and shrink wrap the ends of the skid for maximum weather protection.

Your end:

Unloading your material from a truck is quite easy with some extra helpers on hand. The wood comes bundled in manageable sections that in most cases one person can carry at least one bundle.


Since each order is different, it is difficult to estimate a typical freight cost, however If you’d like some ideas of the shipping cost for your order, please give us a call.


All of Pioneer Millworks wood floors are custom-crafted to the highest standards. Each plank goes through numerous inspections for quality of grading & milling throughout the manufacturing process. We urge you and your installer to inspect your flooring prior to installation. If you are not 100% satisfied with your flooring, please contact us prior to any cutting, nailing, or installation and we will replace any materials which do not meet the grade specifications and information on your signed order confirmation. We reserve the right to require photographs of, or the return of, any material in question prior to the release of replacement flooring. Pioneer Millworks will not accept returns of, or replace, any materials which have been cut or installed once leaving our shop, or damaged in return transit due to improper or insufficient packaging.


Pioneer Millworks warrants to the original purchaser that the flooring and/or lumber materials provided by us will be per the specifications set forth on our Grade Specifications and your signed order confirmation. All materials will be kiln-dried to an average moisture content of 6% to 9% at the time of shipment from our plant. Flooring and other materials that are kiln-dried will be free of insect infestation at the time of shipment from our plant.


Pioneer Millworks warrants that our factory-applied UV-cured Aluminum Oxide finish will not separate for a full 20 years from the original date of purchase. This warranty does not apply to other types of finishes applied by Pioneer Millworks. This warranty is non-transferrable.


Pioneer Millworks warrants to the original purchaser that the wear layer will not separate from the platform for the lifetime of the floor under normal use and conditions.


  • Changes in the wood due to improper storage, handling, acclimation, or installation.  This includes cracks, checks, and color variations, as well as changes to the shape or dimension of the wood by any other cause than the manufacturing or inherent character of the wood.
  • Deficiencies of, and/or improper preparation of the subfloor.
  • Insect infestation following shipment from our plant.
  • Marks, dents, scratches, dings in the flooring or finish caused by pets, shoes, casters, wheels, furniture, or other sources.
  • Falling and/or dropped objects which can dent or fracture the flooring or the finish.
  • Moisture penetration of any type, from any surface or direction.
  • Construction traffic abuse to the surface of the flooring or finish.
  • Finishes applied by you or the installer, including re-surfacing or re-coating.
  • The normal wearing of the flooring or finish in an area, unusual/heavy foot traffic, spiked shoes and/or heels, including a reduction of sheen or gloss level of the finish.
  • Changes in the natural wood caused by any stain or finish applied at the factory, or by you or the installer.
  • Use of the wood in a commercial setting of any type, unless agreed upon prior to purchase, by Pioneer Millworks and the client.


Pioneer Millworks has created various grades and descriptions to quantify as best we can the board stock and finished product ordered. Due to the quirkiness and variability of our sources, these descriptions are very good, but not perfect guidelines. For this reason, we request that our customers review and agree to our terms and conditions. View them here.

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