Why Our Products?

We know this is a lot to read, but to know our story is to understand the value of our reclaimed wood. Enjoy.

An introduction
Our reclaimed wood products are fully manufactured — from sourcing to milling to you — in the USA from our NY and OR facilities*. You won’t find anything like our reclaimed wood at big box stores.

We manufacture in a way that’s healthy for you, our employees, and the communities we work in. We run our business in as socially and environmentally responsible way possible. And, we’re committed to making you the very best reclaimed wood products on the market.

*one exception being reclaimed Teak sourced from an FSC certified vendor in Indonesia

Our story
We sometimes say we were in the reclaimed wood industry before there was a reclaimed wood industry. Our doors opened in 1988 in small ramshackle building in a town not much bigger. Since then, we’ve evolved, growing steadily into a 50,000 sq. ft shop, a timber frame office, and a nine-acre yard in a slightly bigger small town. Over the years the demand for our reclaimed wood blossomed. Today, solid and engineered flooring is 50% of our business. We are the largest domestic resource for reclaimed and sustainable wood products, with more than fifty species, grades, and specialty items available.

Our craftsmen
Nearly sixty people stand behind the quality of our products, many of whom have been with us from the start. All dedicated to creating quality products worthy of this storied, reclaimed wood.

On reclaimed wood
We love all trees, but there’s nothing like the character of antique wood. Old growth trees cut over a hundred years ago offer rich patinas, intense grain, and if we’re lucky signs of its previous life including ferrous staining, bolt holes and insect tracks. By recycling wood we reduce our dependence on fresh sawn wood and prevent the filling of landfills. In some cases, it’s only through salvaging old wood that we have species like Chestnut and Elm which were both wiped out by blights in the early parts of the 20th C.

The story of reclaimed wood
Its journey started a few hundred years ago as a seed, growing a century or more into a mature tree. It was then harvested in the 1800s or early 1900s and milled into timber, flooring, or siding for the building, barn, or factory it would serve. As these structures outlived their usefulness, they were abandoned or demolished and disposed of in landfills or burned. Fast forward to the last 30 years. Our full time acquisitions team works across the nation to ‘rescue’ antique wood from these dilapidated structures.

The wood's next life
Once in our 9-acre yard, the timbers or planks are labeled, digitally cataloged, and stacked until needed. Once selected, the piece is moved to our denailing station where any metal artifacts are removed by hand using metal detectors. What happens next depends on your project.

Some timbers will continue their journey as part of a new timber structure, where they remain ‘as found’, celebrating the original patina, weathered color, antique milling marks and other signs of previous life.
A majority of the timbers will move on to the head saw, then the resaw where they’re milled into board stock repurposing the antique wood into paneling, flooring, fixtures, and more to be used in commercial and residential spaces.

If the wood is destined to become flooring, the “moulder blanks” meet our expert molders where they’re given precision tongue and groove. The planks then go through quality control and are shipped to you.

The World's Most Eco-Friendly Engineered Flooring
Our solid wood flooring should be your first choice, when applicable, but for some instances engineered is ideal. Yet, can an engineered floor be eco-friendly? That’s what we asked. So we decided to do something green about it. We studied and researched and developed until we created what we believe to be the World’s Most Eco-Friendly Engineered Floor™.

Stop in for a tour
We’re always up to give a tour of our shop and introduce you to the craftsmen that will make your product. If you can’t make it in, try our virtual tour.