Pioneer Millworks is Sponsoring the Dropbox Derby, Portland, Oregon’s Largest Design-Build Competition

(August 9, 2018) PORTLAND, OR—Pioneer Millworks is sponsoring Lovett Deconstruction’s 2nd Annual “Dropbox Derby,” this Labor Day, September 3, 2018, from 10am - 6pm. The design-build competition will take place at the Eastbank Esplanade (between SE Salmon and Madison) in Portland, OR. Each year, 24 hours in advance of the competition, the year’s theme is announced to teams including a list of salvaged materials the teams will be tasked with using in their designs. An array of food and festivities will occur as the audience watches the teams in action and bids on the final creations in a silent auction.

“We’re very excited that the proceeds from this year’s auction will go to the Oregon Tradeswomen Inc (OTI), an organization dedicated to women in the trades,” said Stephen Reichard of Lovett Deconstruction. “The Dropbox Derby celebrates sustainability and design in a friendly, fun and quintessentially Portland atmosphere.”

Over 20 teams of artists, makers, builders, contractors, and designers are challenged to design and build a project based on the year’s theme using salvaged building materials. They have just 4 hours to complete their projects. The teams will be awarded trophies for outstanding design and use of materials, with winners selected by a distinguished panel of judges.

Pioneer Millworks is a leader in the reclaimed and sustainable wood industry and will be showcasing their products at the Derby expo along with their sister company, New Energy Works. “At Pioneer Millworks we live by the re-use of materials and believe in the importance of community. We’re looking forward to experiencing the Derby and its creations,” shared Jonathan Orpin, Founder of Pioneer Millworks. “This is a great opportunity for makers and other community members to come together for a bit of fun, learning, creativity, and to support local businesses as well as women in the trades.”

The event will feature live music including Los Palmeros, Ukeladies, and The Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers. Food will be provided by Spicy Spoon, Aybla Mediterranean Grill and 50 Licks Ice Cream. Beverages will be provided by Cider Riot, StormBreaker Brewing and Portland Roasting Coffee. In addition to the primary sponsor, Pioneer Millworks, sponsors include the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), the City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, Heiberg Garbage and Recycling and Salvage Works. 

  • 10:00 a.m. – Competition begins
  • 2:00 p.m. – Competition ends/Judging begins
  • 3:00 p.m. – Judging ends/awards given/auction begins
  • 4:30 p.m. – Auction ends
  • 6:00 p.m. – Event ends


About Pioneer Millworks: For 30 years Pioneer Millworks has been inspired by all of you to develop creative reclaimed and sustainable wood flooring, paneling, and siding. Numerous species, grades, textures, and color options for architects, designers, builders, and homeowners. Options that are easy for builders to install; options that have a story which homeowners and end-users can connect with; options that are good for our people and our planet.

About Lovett Deconstruction: For 14 years Lovett Deconstruction has been working in the greater Portland area offering an alternative to mechanical demolition, ensuring that quality building materials can be reused, repurposed, or recycled. Known as the first phase in sustainable remodeling of everything from small surgical remodels to full structure takedowns, Lovett Deconstruction aims to set the industry standard for service that is friendly, clean, thorough, and professional every time.

About Oregon Tradeswomen: Oregon Tradeswomen is a nonprofit founded on the principles that women deserve, and can attain, economic self-sufficiency through pursuing careers in the building, mechanical, electrical, and utility trades while helping and encouraging the trades industry build up a diverse workforce.

Hospitality! LA Showroom Is Now Displaying Pioneer Millworks Reclaimed and Sustainable Wood Products

(MAY 21, 2018) PORTLAND, ORThe Hospitality! resource and showroom space within The REEF/LA Mart in downtown Los Angeles, California is displaying a variety of samples of reclaimed and sustainable wood products from Pioneer Millworks. This is the place in LA to see and feel the wood, available to trade and professionals five days a week and also open to the public on Wednesdays or by appointment. 

“A few years ago, I recognized as a designer the lack of resource showrooms to trade and the value they could bring to our design community. To fill this void, the Hospitality! showroom came about as a place to be introduced to, explore, and learn about new products—a location to grow professionally! We are delighted to welcome Pioneer Millworks to our dynamic list of vendors and manufacturers and look forward to the endless possibilities that the introduction of their phenomenal products will bring to our industry of design,” said Annika Sandberg, Principal/CEO Hospitality! 

Pioneer Millworks has a 30-year reputation of providing creative and consistent wood product solutions across the nation for retail, office, hospitality, and residential spaces. The new display in LA provides an easily accessible way to experience many of their products in person, to better understand tones, textures, and customization possibilities with their storied wood. 

“Wow, I feel like the luckiest guy! We now have great partners in Annika and her coworker Christian, and a perfect location in the thriving LA downtown corridor,” shared Jonathan Orpin, Founder/President of Pioneer Millworks.

Hospitality! is a downtown LA-based interior architecture and interior design firm, with a state-of-the-art resource showroom which has access to products and surfaces suitable for both, hospitality and commercial, as well as residential installations.

Pioneer Millworks Brings on Director of Sales Further Amplifying Customer Care and Service

(May 14, 2018) FARMINGTON, NY - Pioneer Millworks, a leader in reclaimed and sustainable wood products, is pleased to announce the addition of Andy McQuade as Director of Sales, continuing the company’s investment in servicing clients and projects with the wood products they need to be successful.

Andy will hold a strategic role in sales, focusing on supporting the national sales team, allowing more one on one customer interaction, while developing new opportunities to meet growing customer needs. He brings with him an impeccable reputation for building and motivating high-performance teams who deliver high-touch services.

Founder and President of Pioneer Millworks, Jonathan Orpin, commented, “Andy brings great energy and experience to our sales services and will solidify our overall customer experiences and successes, ensuring that we delight designers, builders, architects, and homeowners while fulfilling their vision and goals.”

A 20-year veteran of the building materials supply industry, Andy previously helped real estate developers and property managers improve their purchasing and procurement nationwide. Most recently Andy held a commercial sales manager role at a large national home improvement retailer, managing the largest property management portfolio for the company, specializing in aligning design selections and product needs with customer vision, target clientele, and budgets. He currently holds CAPS (Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist), CGA (Certified Graduate Associate), and CGP (Certified Green Professional) certifications with the NAHB, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Upstate Building Industry Alliance based in Rochester, NY.

“Working one-on-one with customers where I can inquire directly about their needs and their project specifics has allowed me to better understand product needs and varied approaches for individual businesses. Through this understanding of vision, goals, and priorities, I’ve been able to better advise on how to integrate solutions for every project. I’m excited to bring these skills to the wood and design team at Pioneer Millworks,” said Andy.

From single room remodels to the construction of hotels, restaurants, apartment complexes, student housing, and more, Andy has taken a proactive approach, identifying challenges and implementing systems to ensure smooth transitions to completed projects.

“I’m looking forward to helping Pioneer Millworks continue to scale up, to help projects to reach their full potential using reclaimed and sustainable wood products throughout the USA. Plus, I’m working for a company the practices the Triple Bottom Line business model of People, Planet, and Profit–that’s simply excellent,” continued Andy. 

Wood Gone Wild: Pioneer Millworks Goes Vibrant with Pantone's Color of the year

(March 29, 2018) FARMINGTON, NY—Pioneer Millworks celebrates Pantone® Color of the Year 2018 by introducing purple reclaimed wood to their collection. The Ultra Violet color is the newest offering in their Thoughtful Sophistication™ collection, which continues to break reclaimed and sustainable wood out of its stereotypical 'barn wood' category. This inspiring color joins the collection of modern and fashion-forward tones and textures.    

"Architects, designers, and builders need freedom to innovate. By pushing the boundaries of reclaimed wood and taking it beyond the barn with modern colors and textures, the palette opens up for this traditional material," said Jennifer Young, General Manager of Pioneer Millworks. 

Pantone® defines their color of the year as: 'Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come'. Pioneer Millworks has incorporated the influential and inspiring color in an opaque application and a specialized gradation over wire brushed texture, allowing colors to blend and customization to be endless. 

Explains Young: "Designers should be able to dream big and get a quality custom product to bring ideas to life. We're pushing the envelope to include adventurous colors, opaque or translucent, solid or settled in the cracks and crevasses-giving designers the reclaimed wood of wild dreams."

With an experienced in-house design team and solutions-based customer service focus, Pioneer Millworks is bringing classic grades, such as their rugged Settlers' Plank and smooth American Gothic to the design forefront with new milling profiles, textures, sheens, and colors in Thoughtful Sophistication. Options are available in solid paneling, engineered paneling, solid flooring, engineered flooring, board stock, treads, thresholds, and fixtures-all with eco-loving and LEED benefits. New finishes include: Ultra Violet, Sage, Caliente, and Oceanside.

Pioneer Millworks Brings the Portland Trail Blazers Court to You

(March 21, 2018) PORTLAND, OR—Pioneer Millworks has reclaimed decommissioned court flooring previously used by the Portland Trail Blazers and Portland Fire. The hard maple flooring has original paint in colorful line patterns, typography, and other imagery. 

Elise Payne, design expert at Pioneer Millworks explains, "The hard maple used in gymnasium court floors is remarkably durable and has plenty of life left in it even after being salvaged from the Moda Center and Coliseum. The decommissioned maple flooring is attached to plywood, so we're selling it in 4'x8′ sheets or cut-to-size." The company notes that while quantities of the Blazers flooring are limited, other court flooring and bleachers are available. 

As athletic facilities age and school designs are updated, many choose to replace their gymnasium or court flooring (and bleachers too). "In this case, the original finish of the flooring, complete with painted lines, typography, and markings has been left intact to create a very unique appearance which varies from slab to slab," continued Payne. "If the desire is for a clean look though, we have other salvaged floors where the old finish can be carefully milled off revealing the bright, clear tone of the Maple." 

Pioneer Millworks often sources from dilapidated factories and agricultural buildings. The prospect of reclaiming from sports facilities was an exciting opportunity. They have reclaimed hard maple gymnasium and court flooring plus bleacher boards in a mixture of Pine, Fir, and even Mahogany from various locations. The company's Sports Collection inventory celebrates original surfaces and athletic markings in a variety of paint colors - green, yellow, red, grey, black, and blue - which can create a random and playful reminder of the wood's source.

Pioneer Millworks Puts Contemporary Eco Wood Products Within Reach

(January 26, 2018) FARMINGTON, NY—Pioneer Millworks introduces Sustainably Harvested, a sleeker more modern wood line of products including flooring and paneling, sourced and manufactured in an eco and socially responsible way. Available in a variety of species, the Sustainably Harvested products are being offered in high grades with a more uniform appearance than their reclaimed wood counterparts. 

“While reclaimed wood will always have our hearts, we understand that sometimes designers, architects, builders, and homeowners are in the market for something with a smoother complexion and less character,” said Jered Slusser, Wood Design Expert at Pioneer Millworks. “Sustainably Harvested fits those needs and can be a more affordable option.” 

With less tonal variation and fewer knots, these fresh sawn products offer a cleaner, more homogeneous look. “The consistency of our freshly harvested species pair great with our various eco-friendly finishes,” continued Slusser. “From colors to textures such as Shou Sugi Ban and Raked, Sustainably Harvested is easy to get creative with.” 

Sourcing Sustainably Harvested wood flooring and paneling is consistent with the company’s ethos including options from FSC-certified forests as well as from incidental harvest species, standing dead, and small well-managed family forests. “We’ve long been FSC chain of custody certified. The additional sources allow us access to a greater selection of species from reputable, sustainable advocates,” said Slusser.

Sustainably Harvested wood options include Ash, Hickory, Walnut, Maple, Oak, Indonesian Teak, and Larch – with other species being introduced throughout 2018. As a standard, the line is offered in solid and engineered wood products in a 5 ½” face width. Customization can include a variety of alternate widths, pre-finish colors, textures, and mill profiles. Full fabrication for fixtures, build-outs, furniture, and more is also offered by the company.