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Pioneer Millworks Accoya Siding & Shiplap in Pebble


Pioneer Millworks Accoya® Siding and Shiplap is FSC-certified® and cradle-to-cradle certified making it a top choice for sustainability and material health. The rot and moisture resistance of this acetylated pine is due to the unique vinegar treatment it is given directly after harvest. This makes it extremely durable, rivaling tropical hardwoods for longevity, and it comes with a 50-year above-ground warranty. Accoya’s simple grain structure and few knots take well to our standard color finishes; an additional brushing adds color saturation & adhesion. Also available pre-primed for easy application of paint colors or unfinished to be stained on site. Shown here in Pebble; a neutral stone grey. 

Pioneer Millworks is an approved Accoya manufacturer.