Reclaimed timbers are used for a West Coast family's pavilion.
A family game room in Austerlitz, NY combined industrial salvaged timbers, American Prairie t&g, and Reclaimed Teak for a casual, relaxed space.
Salvaged ceiling timbers show original hole saw marks and deep patina.
A New York BBQ space brought character and history to their space with reclaimed timbers as well as flooring.
Pioneer Millworks reclaimed timbers--As-found Industrial

As-found Industrial Timbers

Sourced from the factories our country was built on, As-Found Industrial Reclaimed timbers often have a more uniform patina with bandsawn, circle sawn, or planed surfaces. Signs of an industrious life are often revealed: original bolt holes, nail holes, fastener marks, ferrous staining, checking, occasional knots, and others.

Typical species:

  • Heart Pine
  • Douglas fir
  • Yellow Pine
  • Hemlock
  • Eastern White Pine
  • Red Pine
  • Oak (less frequently)