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Shou Sugi Ban ACCOYA Toasted by Pioneer Millworks. Charred wood siding and paneling that is burned, brushed once, and coated with an exterior oil.

ACCOYA Toasted

Traditionally Inspired, American Made™—an 18th century technique for preserving wood with fire is updated to meet 21st century design and performance standards. With our ACCOYA Once-brushed we aggressively burn each board, then brush off the softest layer of char resulting in a smooth, dark, and slightly textured surface that can be left without a finish or coated with an array of exterior grade colors—shown here in Toasted; a warm black-brown with a hint of alligator texture.

Pioneer Millworks is an approved Accoya manufacturer.

ACCOYA is a premium rot and insect resistant material, well known for its durability and ability to withstand the tests of any climate. Applying the Shou Sugi Ban preservation method increases the overall look and life of the wood, while providing a sustainably sourced, naturally beautiful material that takes well to stains and coating.