Pioneer Millworks Fir Carbon & Toasted and Accoya Deep Char

Andiron - Houston, TX

This atmospheric fine dining steak-house restaurant in Houston Texas features Pioneer Millworks Shou Sugi Ban Douglas fir in Carbon and Toasted, as well as Accoya® deep char. The variety of burnt wood cladding gives the space an upscale modern dark-deco feel with a nod to sustainable material choices. Andiron sets itself apart by combining the classic elements of traditional steakhouses with a modern small plate progressive dining experience. The focus is on quality meats and fresh seafood prepared over the restaurant’s 22-foot live fire grill, which pairs nicely with the Shou Sugi Ban aesthetics.

Photography by: Julie Soefer 


Products Shown:

Fir Carbon 

Fir Toasted 

Accoya Deep Char