Let's talk Teak

By Kevin Weyrauch

Somedays you just want to be somewhere else other than where you currently are.  Escaping the noise, distractions, and hustle-n-bustle of your everyday life, for a place that offers things like pink sandy beaches and meat served on sticks.  Today we’re going on a little trip, in our favorite rocket ship.  That’s right folks, today we’ll venture to South East Asia, to talk about not just the pristine beaches and alluring, dense jungles- we’ll be talking Tectona Grandis, or Teak.

Teak close up
Rugged Patina Indonesian Teak flooring 

One of the most sought-after timbers for furniture and high-end production, Teak was not originally indigenous to Indonesia.  Spice traders and travelers of the Pacific Sea realized back in the 16th century that the climate of Indonesia provided ideal sub-tropical conditions for growing Teak, which was highly coveted for its value in the ship building and luxury furniture trade.  Given that Teak proved to be extremely stable and could withstand the wet weather conditions it soon became a high demand resource.

Known for its versatility and amazing durability Teak wood quickly became a mainstay in the boat and bridge building plans of Eastern Asia, over 2000 years ago.  As trade lines were established with the West, Teak became a worldwide commodity for outdoor decking furniture, paneling, and of course boats.  The natural oils within the wood provided resistance against insects and rot, while giving ambitious sea faring adventurers materials that could remain watertight and suffered little shrinkage with changes in temperature or moisture levels, which you could imagine was somewhat important when building a boat.

Teak flooring

So how does our exotic adventure equate to my interior design needs?  Good question.  The timeless and luxurious mixture of narrow planks with honey brown tones to wider planks with darker tobacco brown hues.  The rich leathery smell from the natural oils in the wood gives the room an opulent feel to match the lavish visual appeal of tropical wood flooring or paneling with hundreds of years of history and patina.

Surely a wood that has stood the test of time for over 2000 years can withstand the day to day, wear and tear of your favorite Louboutin’s or when one of the boys spills his Blanton’s while watching the game.  Everything from Mother Nature to Mother-in-Law’s, the strong and resilient nature of Teak can weather it all, making it perfect for both horizontal and vertical applications. 

Imagine the swirling tans, toffee browns, and deep mahogany colors embracing the walls around you, as you wash away the stress in a bath.  Or the random patterns of narrow and wide planked floorboards, with weathered lines and unrequited patina, welcoming guests into your great room or outdoor entertaining area.


Teak office space
Wire Brushed Indonesian Teak flooring

Our reclaimed Indonesian Teak flooring & paneling is available as several options, offering a choice of a smooth surfaced Bright Teak, carefully planed to accentuate the colors and grain of the wood. 

Bright Teak
Bright Indonesian Teak Bathroom Cladding

Wire Brushed, a gentle texture with a light dimensional surface, providing a level of depth to the room. 

Wire brushed Teak
Wire Brushed Indonesian Teak flooring 


Rugged Patina, highly textured and battle-scarred by time, celebrating the character and mystique of the 18thand 19th century planks. Its internet warmth accentuated by wear that only grows more lovely over time.

Each grade capable of being customized with our hard-wax oil finishes, allowing you to create the right mixture of tone and temperature to match your design tastes from boho to modern, and all the eclectic points in between. 

It wouldn’t be responsible of us, not to mention that all of our Teak products are reclaimed from non-Burmese sources, recycled directly from our partners in Indonesia. This 100% FSC recycled product causes no harm to the environment and is provided in a zero-waste process.  Meaning that as a result, NO trees are cut down to provide our product.  Each piece is salvaged from 100-300-year-old buildings and structures that are slated for demolition or would be sent to a landfill to decay.  Instead, we reclaim this majestic resource, aged by time and the elements of nature and provide it to you as a high-quality, refined product to continue being enjoyed for years to come.

A piece of history, with some peace of mind, all wrapped up in our environmentally friendly, ethically sourced Teak.  Hi, I’m social responsibility, I don’t know if you’ve heard of me, I’m kind of a big deal.