A letter from the founder

By Kevin Weyrauch

2021 letter

Thank you.

To each and every one of you who has worked through the disaster that was 2020, you have once again proven that humankind is resilient and strong. To the teacher, the nurse and medic, the bus driver and every person we know to be on the front lines out there. You will remain our heroes forever.

To us in this kinda small wood business called Pioneer Millworks thoughts of heroes also include you who continued to place orders and keep jobs moving. Many of our partners went darn quiet as they navigated their own about- face. We get it. We too were hampered by the important COVID protocols, coworkers becoming overnight home-school teachers, closures from wildfire smoke, attacks on our democracy and our BIPOC community, and worried about our kin. But many of you showed up, placed orders, asked about our products, or gave us ease that you too were still in the game. And to our homeowners and builders—thank YOU for choosing American craftsmanship, our planet and us when putting your very hard-earned dollar to work.

Through all of this we’ve carried on and sometimes stumbled, but you caught us and helped us continue to improve. So thanks for being here. Thanks for reading our blasts, reviewing what we have to offer. Thanks for the many thousands of samples you ordered. Thanks for spec’ing us, for buying our wood products, for installing our floors and walls and shou sugi ban siding and more. We have learned something from almost every one of you, and you do not know how important that is to us.

Warm regards, and let’s rock 2021 together,

jonathan orpin founder and president

Pioneer Millworks
30 years and counting