By Megan Avila

We connected with Hans and Lori of HGH Trading & Consulting, Inc. in Texas a few months back. We’re excited to have this Lone Star State tag-team representing our reclaimed and sustainable wood products there and in Oklahoma. On a characteristically hot day in late summer we sat down to learn more about them:


What do you like about Texas?

Hans: The big open spaces once you’re out of the city. I’ve been in Texas for 34 years.

Lori: I grew up in Canada and Chicago so I love the weather that we have in Frisco [TX] from November to May. We can have a few cold days (sometimes 40-60 degrees….haha!) but mostly 75 degrees and sunny. I consider it perfect! I’ve lived here for 22 years and wouldn’t go back.

What’s your backstory with design and wood?

Hans: I’ve always worked in the wood products industries! Wood is so natural and easy to connect with. I spent time in various mills doing everything from production to product development, to procurement, to sales and marketing.

Lori: My college degree is in design but I have always been in sales, representing flooring products to architectural and design firms in Chicago initially, and now in Texas and Oklahoma. I have experience with the fuzzy stuff, and vinyl of many shapes and colors and brands, but it is wood that speaks to me.


What makes you most excited about Pioneer Millworks?

Hans: The amazing people. It is clear they care deeply about the products, each other, and the planet. Plus the variety in what is created.

LoriCustom capabilities! Every designer wants something unique so the flexibility and versatility that Pioneer Millworks has is absolutely amazing. I love the reaction of the designers when I share the product options.

What’s your favorite Pioneer Millworks product?

Hans: I cannot pick a favorite, there are too many really good ones. Flooring, walls, tops, doors, and timber framing…it’s a unique, comprehensive product menu.


Lori:  SHOU SUGI BAN, SHOU SUGI BAN, SHOU SUGI BAN! I love this product. I thought that it was only black char but seeing the beautiful colors that are available, amazes me!


What do you think the biggest wood trend is in the Texas and Oklahoma design and architecture worlds?

Hans: I see many wall applications in restaurants, café’s, and more. The wall treatments range from planks to dimensional wood, to small strips, to patterns–all in a variety of tones and textures.


Lori: Truthfully, I can’t see past the excitement for reclaimed wood. The designers and architects want to play with the wood samples and seem especially drawn those with a history.

Original Gym Flooring and Bleacher Boards are salvaged from educational institutions and athletic facilities around the country.
Original Gym Flooring and Bleacher Boards are salvaged from educational institutions and athletic facilities around the country.

What are your favorite hobbies?

Hans: Riding my motorcycle. And thanks to the Texas weather I’m able to get a good bit of time on it.

Lori: Cooking, I love to cook. I am also in a bowling league with all my friends…and shopping should definitely be considered a hobby!

What else keeps you busy at home?

Hans: My wife, Nancy, and our fur babies, cats Izzie and Poppy and our dog, Spencer.

Lori: My husband, Don, and our four children plus our crazy dog, Joey.

The energy and enthusiasm from Hans and Lori is infectious! Thanks to both for their time. We’re looking forward to their efforts in helping us better serving TX and OK. If you’d like to connect directly, send them a note.