Mersman Table Factory

By Kevin Weyrauch

The Mersman Table Factory was built in 1905. If you do a Google search under "Mersman Table Factory" you will also find some interesting information linking the Lindbergh baby kidnapping to a Mersman table. 

The factory survived WWI and II, and of course the Great Depression, where they were buoyed by a good cost-value ratio and therefore sold well, despite the times. Sound familiar? 

This mannequin head was floating in water in the basement and our wood buyer, Michele, spotted her in the flashlight beam as she started down the stairs. Says Michele, "My gasp was very entertaining to the guys showing me the building. I think they may have planted her there." 

There were a variety of species in the beams from this factory including Elm, Beech, Douglas fir, and Oak. These beams are set to be re-sawn and re-raised as a residential timber frame on the west coast. To learn more about this project visit: